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Canadian Diversity Learning Circles

Canadian Diversity Learning Circles

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An action-oriented course to protect and promote cultural diversity and inclusion

Prerequisite: None

  • Using Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) group facilitation methods participants share stories and perspectives; draw from the group’s wisdom to come up with a few ‘keys to success’: and explore what can be done in any group or institution
  • The facilitator engages the group in a series of conversations and utilizes adult learning techniques to create a safe space where there is a ‘circle’ of teaching and learning about cultural diversity.
  • Some participants become Diversity Change Agents and prepare to lead their own project and facilitate complex discussions to promote cultural diversity and inclusion

You will learn to

  • Be a Diversity Change Agent/Leader for Canadian cultural diversity and inclusion
  • Speak the language of diversity and understand legislation; concepts; definitions
  • Build bridges with those who do not “buy into” the benefits of diversity
  • Facilitate a diversity conversation for small and large groups
  • Prepare and deliver your own Diversity Learning Circles in any group or institution
  • Create an action plan for any diversity and inclusion project


Six Mondays in October 2017  (23, 30) and November 2017 (6, 13, 20, 27)

The time: 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Oct 23

  • Session One: Welcoming your Perspectives and Vision

Oct 30

  • Session Two: Concepts and Obstacles

Nov 6

  • Session Three: Competencies and Strategies

Nov 13

  • Session Four: Creating Action Plans

Nov 20

  • Session Five: Summaries of Action Plans and Keys to Success

Nov 27

  • Session Six: Prepare to lead your own project on diversity and inclusion

  • Any person who wants to engage and inspire people to protect and promote cultural diversity and inclusion
  • Executives, managers, supervisors and staff
  • Consultants
  • Social workers
  • Students

Each session includes:

  • Shared experiences and reflections
  • Small and large group discussions
  • Engaging, interactive exercises
  • Theory

We have a responsibility to ourselves and to the world to show that inclusive diversity is a strength, and a force that can vanquish intolerance, radicalism and hate. Canada’s success as a diverse and inclusive nation didn’t happen by accident, and won’t continue without effort. It depends on the choices we make today. Compassion, acceptance, and trust; diversity and inclusion— these are the things that have made Canada strong and free 
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
WHO will uphold the torch of openness in the West? Today, in its lonely defence of liberal values, Canada seems downright heroic. Not every country will fuse diversity and national identity in the same way Canada does. The world owes Canada gratitude for reminding it of what many people are in danger of forgetting: that tolerance and openness are wellsprings of security and prosperity, not threats to them.
The Economist Magazine

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