Facilitating a Culture of Participation

ICA is on the leading edge of transformation in communities, organizations and governments. For forty years our philosophy of full participation had made significant solid and sustainable impact in every field of endeavour. ICA Associates Inc. training allows you to become the collaborative leader of that transformation in your own organization or field.

A sea change is taking place around the world. From global corporations to rural villages, people want to participate in making decisions that affect their lives. They want their efforts to make a difference in the world. New, facilitative approaches to leadership are emerging. Changing expectations are morphing hierarchies into circles. Leaders of the future foster authentic participation.

ICA Associates Inc. is a facilitation and training organization providing effective participatory skills to thousands of people.

We work to enable the formation of a culture of participation. Our focus is on enabling people to participate in the development of their own communities and organizations. We strive to make it easy for groups to think, plan and make decisions together. We intend to help groups get results and improve effectiveness. We want people to make the kind of positive contributions that will lead to healthier communities and workplaces. We want people to be able to play facilitative leadership roles.

We will always do our best to ensure that every person has an opportunity to hear others and express their ideas. The wisdom of each person in the group makes the mix richer and the group gets the wisest results when everyone’s wisdom is included. The whole is, indeed, greater than the sum of the parts.

John Miller
John MillerPresident
Jo Nelson
Jo NelsonBoard Secretary
Bill Staples
Bill StaplesTreasurer
Christine Wong
Christine WongFinance Director
Darlene Fisher
Darlene FisherCanadian Registrar
Janice Weber
Janice WeberWestern Registrar
Richard Kitney
Richard KitneySales Director