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Conversation for Making Difficult Decisions

When we are faced with sudden changes and demands, it is hard to think clearly and easy to be overcome by anxiety, especially if the situation continually changes dramatically without warning.   The ORID process can help keep calm while you make difficult decisions.  Here is a sample conversation you can have with yourself, or with

Focused Conversation for Resolving a Dispute

This focused conversation for resolving a dispute is not intended to be used "as is".  It is a template to allow you to create your own questions, using the flow.  However, one of our colleagues, faced with a client's long-standing dispute and no time to prepare, used it right from the page and his client

Understanding the Background of an Offensive Comment

Most of us endure offensive comments from friends or families, and they can happen during holiday events when many people are together. Sometimes instead of ignoring or fleeing the comments, we can take the time to understand where the person is coming from. These questions might catalyze understanding on the part of the people who

Sample Decisional Level Questions to Close a Conversation

Sample Decisional Level Questions: Based on the rational aim of your conversation, you may need questions that are similar to any one or more of these questions. Resolution How would you summarize the meaning of this? How would you name the whole? Direction What recommendations do you have? Who will take responsibility for any of

Debriefing a Traumatic Event

Conversation for Debriefing a Traumatic Event Jo Nelson I would like to offer this conversation to people to use with colleagues, friends and family to begin to process traumatic situations and respond to them productively.  Please note that this conversation is not to be used as therapy or when recalling the facts of the event