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Stories from graduates, clients, and colleagues about how committing to facilitate the participation of others has changed the workplace, community, and the world.

Invitation to ICA Associates 20th Anniversary Tour: Facilitating a Participatory Society

This October 1, ICA Associates celebrates 20 years since its official registration as a social enterprise! Are you interested in learning more about the impact that facilitating participatory group processes can have on your organization, community and society? Do you have stories or visions to share? We want to celebrate our shared impact and current

Adapting your Facilitation Plan to the Needs of the Group

Robin Parsons had to adapt a facilitation plan several times to the evolving needs of her group, which resulted in transformational change for the group. Here is her story: In December 2017, I was working with a group (through my consulting client) that was coming together to explore a process. I had the opportunity to

Facilitating Reconciliation Between Settlers and Indigenous People

What can we do as facilitators to open dialogue and understanding among settlers and indigenous people in order to further reconciliation? This consensus workshop on reconciliation was done in a session at the IAF North America/Caribbean conference in Ottawa, May 4, 2018, led by a team of indigenous and settler facilitators. Twenty participants included indigenous

6th Annual Summit on Public Consultation & Engagement (December 5- 6, 2016)

Revolutionize and Transform your Engagement Strategy! Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2dXcg1t Leverage Digital, Build Strong Relations and Alliances, and Move Your Projects Forward Engage in 2 days of top quality content intended to develop and manage your consultation strategies and fit into changing requirements for public engagement. This is the only event in Canada to help

Four government IT departments cluster into one

The director of a branch of a government department wanted his managers to create a strategic plan. The branch was mandated to roll out new information technology across the entire department, and potentially several other departments. The director wanted the managers to figure out how to accomplish this, and to lead their respective front line

International NGO expands size and scope

A small non-government organization anticipated a period of global expansion and needed a long-range plan. The executive team intended to expand staff in the near future to several new countries. They needed specific long-range goals to focus on, but had few definite ideas in mind. The staff consisted largely of scientists, who said they had

A region refocuses from industry to tourism

The Economic Development Commission of a new small city and its surrounding rural area wanted long-term regional planning that was fair and provided lots of opportunity for input from various stakeholders. The planning had to be highly participatory, with neutral facilitators engaging a large part of the general public to create a well-supported economic development

Professional Association Collaborates to Grow

The Request by the Organization The national board of a health profession made up of twelve people from several different provinces wanted to hold a two and a half day retreat to come up with a plan that would be cohesive across the country and that would allow a potential membership of many thousands of

Regional Health Centre Strategic Plan

Request by the organization A new hospital board and senior management staff wanted to assure themselves and the community that big changes mandated in the hospital would not affect the same care and compassionate service that had been available in the past. The strategic plan was explicitly about a transformation from being a hospital into