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ICA Associates Values

As ICA Associates, Inc., we value: Comprehensive Context: Understanding the historical perspective and the whole system one is working in, and the diversity of perspectives. Consciousness:  Living life with intention and high awareness as we enter each day and each situation. Affirmation:  Acknowledging and saying “yes” to our own and others’ lives, to what is

Promoting Culturally Respectful Communication

Culturally Respectful Communication From the workshop on Facilitating Reconciliation between Settlers and Indigenous People at the IAFNAC Conference in Ottawa, May 2018 These ideas came from a group of 20 people, indigenous and settlers, Canadian and American, as well as several other nationalities, all of whom answered the question: What can we do as facilitators

Facilitating Reconciliation Between Settlers and Indigenous People

What can we do as facilitators to open dialogue and understanding among settlers and indigenous people in order to further reconciliation? This consensus workshop on reconciliation was done in a session at the IAF North America/Caribbean conference in Ottawa, May 4, 2018, led by a team of indigenous and settler facilitators. Twenty participants included indigenous

ToP Competency: Tips for Effective Project Management: Part 1

Dave Strong, CTF & Jerry Mings, CPF, CTF Building and maintaining a positive client relationship involves taking the time to work with a client to develop a shared understanding of what is required for a successful facilitated event or series of events. A facilitator brings a careful eye to how to build a constructive experience

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Understanding the Background of an Offensive Comment

Most of us endure offensive comments from friends or families, and they can happen during holiday events when many people are together. Sometimes instead of ignoring or fleeing the comments, we can take the time to understand where the person is coming from. These questions might catalyze understanding on the part of the people who

Participant Conversation: Assessment of Event Experience

A Conversation for Participant Assessment of their Experience of the Event The Situation The group has just been through a workshop. The facilitator wants the group to reflect briefly on their experience of the workshop. Rational Aim To clarify the impact of the workshop on the group. Experiential Aim To celebrate the work done and

Conversation on a Difficult Topic for the Holidays

Conversation on Election Results Created by Courage to Lead study participants at UHN on November 21, 2016. The conversation was designed as an exercise for grounding the chapter on “Self-Conscious Reflection” for having a thoughtful conversation on a hot topic with family members at a holiday event. The group chose the results of the American

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Gestalt — Discerning Patterns from Specific Elements

Taken from Chapter 6, which describes the phenomenology behind the Consensus Workshop Method, in Getting to the Bottom of ToP, by Wayne and Jo Nelson, to be published in 2017. Let us step aside for a moment to discuss an approach that has become integral to ToP methodology as a way of processing objective, reflective

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