Facilitators from ICA help your organization innovate, collaborate, and make better decisions

ICA Associates Inc. is a tightly focused consulting firm that specializes in designing and leading inclusive, participatory, group processes. We also train people to do what works best. This combination of two core capacities makes ICA an ideal collaborator on large change processes, both inside an organization and outside.

Are you faced with shifting an old fashioned, top-heavy, command-and-control organizational culture to a “flat” hierarchy with agile teamwork and collaboration? We do that.

Are you faced with the prospect of consulting with a large cross section of the public and you know you need to engage with them from the outset, yet some participants make you nervous? We have done that too.

Maybe your small team needs to sort out plans for themselves, or maybe you just need a coach to support your efforts to crack open the possibilities in your organization. We can do that too.

When you ask ICA Associates Inc. to collaborate with you as facilitators of participatory group processes, you gain access to:

  • Customized work
  • Extensive Body of Knowledge
  • Decades of experience
  • Industry leading professionalism
  • Large network of trained associates

We work with clients who are truly curious about what their constituents think and who have the courage to listen. We make that experience safe, smooth, and productive for you. Call us when you need the best facilitators in the business.

ICA Consulting Brochure

ICA consultants are Certified Professional Facilitators, Certified ToP Facilitators, ToP Trainers or all three.

Robin Parsons
Robin ParsonsCPF, MBA, Consultant
Erwin Allerdings
Erwin AllerdingsCTF, CPF, Senior Consultant and ToP Trainer
John M. Miller
John M. MillerCPF, CTF, Senior Consultant and ToP Trainer
Jo Nelson
Jo NelsonCPF, CTF, Senior Consultant and ToP Trainer
Bill Staples
Bill StaplesCTF, CPF, Senior Consultant and ToP Trainer
Duncan Holmes
Duncan HolmesCTF, Senior Consultant and ToP Trainer