We are part of a global network of consultants facilitating a culture of participation across many sectors. Finance, energy and information services, health care and education sectors, government agencies, Indigenous communities and not-for profit organizations all benefit from meaningful engagement. Values statement

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Facilitators are specialized consultants who use the internal wisdom of a group to generate high-impact and sustainable results. ToP facilitators and consultants are experienced with government, corporate clients, health and education sectors, and non-profit groups.

ICA consultants are Certified Professional Facilitators, Certified ToP Facilitators, ToP Trainers or all three.

Senior Associates

Jo Nelson
Jo NelsonCPF, CTF, Senior Consultant and ToP Trainer
Bill Staples
Bill StaplesCTF, CPF, Senior Consultant and ToP Trainer
John M. Miller
John M. MillerCPF, CTF, Senior Consultant and ToP Trainer

Consulting Associates

Robin Parsons
Robin ParsonsCTF, CPF, CAAP, Consultant, ToP Trainer
Cameron Fraser
Cameron FraserConsultant, CPF
Eileen Forestell
Eileen ForestellConsultant, ADR
Suzanne Jackson
Suzanne JacksonConsultant
Paul Stern
Paul SternConsultant
Rob Darlington
Rob DarlingtonConsultant, CPF
Mara Svenne
Mara SvenneConsultant, CPF
Dave Strong
Dave StrongConsultant, CTF, ToP Trainer
Richard Kitney
Richard KitneyConsultant, CMC, CISA, CISSP, DTM
Ekta Bromley
Ekta BromleyConsultant, CTDP