Get highly transferable skills that fully engage your staff and stakeholders, and the confidence you need to make a difference in your workplace or community.

Our programs and our individual courses are available to you in many cities across Canada. They are also available as in-house courses in your location, and even online.
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Certification proves your competence and brings respect from your peers and clients. There are two certification paths.

The Certified Professional Facilitator

The Certified Professional Facilitator designation (CPF) is granted by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) after a competency based test. IAF endorses that ICA’s Professional Facilitator Program will prepare you comprehensively for CPF assessment. IAF also endorsed the ToP Facilitation Essentials Program, available in several countries outside Canada.

Certified ToP Facilitator

Certified ToP Facilitator recognizes a higher level of mastery (CTF) and includes the core Technology of Participation (ToP™) methods that are used and respected worldwide in community, organization and government transformation. ToP™ is a set of values, processes and methods above and beyond those assessed by the International Association of Facilitators. They are proven worldwide to be effective in building a culture of participation in organizations and communities. ICA Associates Inc. trains and assesses facilitators to become Certified ToP Facilitators CTF. The Advanced Facilitator Program will prepare you for this assessment. Our team will support you on your journey to certification. They are certified professionals: CTF, ToP Trainers or CPF.

In-house Training

Deepen your organizational capacity with In-house training.

Empower and energize your staff.

Transfer skills and accelerate learning and application. Your staff use real organizational case studies to create breakthroughs and get immediate results. Combine consulting and training to kick-start a creative environment, then solve difficult challenges with a trained, in-house team.

  • Improve internal communication
  • Generate commitment and motivation
  • Implement organizational change more smoothly

All courses are available In-house at your location. Save up to 50% and get a no-risk cancellation policy. Your own group of facilitators within your organization can smooth company transitions, handle conflict within and between departments, facilitate important planning events, lead team building and generate creative solutions. There are also many courses available for in-house training that are not available publicly. In addition, all courses can be fine-tuned for your specific needs, often with no expense. ICA Associates can also develop curriculum for your special situation.

Substantial Savings

You can achieve savings of up to 50% plus many organizational benefits by holding facilitation skills training for your staff. An in-house Group Facilitation course includes demonstrations of powerful methods in diverse situations, theory of how the methods work, practical examples of daily applications, practice sessions for participants, and manuals, with optional books and support for participants after the course.

Benefits to your organization:

  • Generate new options for working with issues
  • Improve communication skills
  • Rely less on outside consultants
  • Have a permanent core of trained facilitators
  • Get maximum participation and creativity from your staff
  • Implement organizational changes more smoothly
  • Enhance team development
  • Have common language and methods for participation

Combine our facilitation and training services to kickstart a participative environment. Solve difficult challenges, then support changes with a trained, in-house team. We will custom design the course to suit the specific needs of your group. You can use the training to support organizational transformation. There is a no-risk cancellation policy for in-house courses.

Pre-approved facilitation and training agreements with several governments

Ontario Public Service

ICA Associates is a Vendor of Record for Executive Leadership Development Programming and Team Building. VoR # OSS-00154215 OPS employees can get prequalified facilitation skills training from ICA Associates Inc. through our Vendor of Record status.

City of Calgary

ICA Associates is a Vendor of Record for the Stakeholder Engagement Consulting Services Schedule A and B

Alberta Education

ICA Associates is pre-qualified for Facilitation and Event Planning Services

Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres

ICA Associates is a vendor of record for the Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres

Yukon Government Public Services

ICA Associates is a vendor of record for Yukon Government Public Services

Public Works Canada

ICA Associates is a vendor of record for Public Works Canada for Facilitation and Organizational Management. Supply agreement # E60BQ-01SSA/353/ST.

Online Training

Take courses online if you can’t attend in person.

Click on one of these courses for schedules and information:
Group Facilitation Methods Online
Meetings That Work Online
Facilitated Planning Online
All you need is a high speed internet connection and a headset to take these courses online.
Courses are equivalent to the in-person courses, and are 2 hour sessions for several days each.
These are hands-on, skill-building courses with discussions with other people and an instructor who gives you personal attention.

Coaching Support

ICA Associates Inc. has Certified Professional Facilitators on staff who can coach facilitators and facilitative leaders. We can help you:

  • Design facilitated events and other applications
  • Deepen your understanding of facilitation methods
  • Explore your questions about applying what you’ve learned

Get support with experience and insight.

Embed collaboration practices with mentoring and coaching

Public and inhouse course participants get free coaching and other supports from ICA staff. Improve your process designs. Debrief difficult situations. Coaching is from certified professionals with extensive experience in a variety of fields. Coaching is also offered separately.

Other Resources

We support all our courses with a selection of books and other resources.

The Art of Focused Conversation: 100 Ways to Access Group Wisdom in the Workplace

General Editor R. Brian Stanfield

The Workshop Book: From Individual Creativity to Group Action

by Brian Stanfield

The Art of Focused Conversation for Schools: Over 100 Ways to Guide Clear Thinking and Promote Learning

by Jo Nelson

Transformational Strategy: Facilitation of ToP Participatory Planning

by Bill Staples

Towards The Learning Organization: A Guide

by Ginny Belden, Marcia Hyatt, Deb Ackley

More Than 50 Ways to Build Team Consensus

by R. Bruce Williams

The Courage To Lead: Transform Self, Transform Society

by R. Brian Stanfield

ToP Historical Scan
The Social Process Triangles

by Jon and Maureen Jenkins

Creating Community: Finding Meaning in the Place We Live

by George Randall West