This internal reflection allows you to quickly think through a response on your feet when the process is not working for the group.  It can take as little as a minute.  It was originally used to figure out how to respond to a sudden difficult situation in a group, but can be used any time that the group seems to be struggling. There are no assumed answers to these questions, which the facilitator asks him/herself while still leading the group.  Sometimes the answer to the decisional question might be to let the group struggle, if the struggle is productive.


What is actually going on?

What words or phrases have been spoken?

What background data do I know?


What reactions do I notice in myself?

What reactions do I notice in the group?


Why are we reacting in these ways?

What are possible reasons for this situation?

What values do I need to hold as we continue?


What can I do to hold these values?

What is my next step?