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Applying Appropriate Methods

Applying appropriate methods to ensure task completion and results is complex, including thorough planning of methods and executing those plans with the group. The first step is to deeply understand what results the client and the group need. The second is to create the rational aim for the session: to articulate in clear and simple

The Joy of Co-Facilitation Teamwork

At the IAF Conference in Ottawa in 2018, I had the opportunity to co-facilitate a session with two indigenous colleagues.  The topic of the session was reconciliation between settlers and indigenous people, and we needed a cross-cultural team to facilitate the event. The three of us arrived early and all pitched in to set up

ORID as an Underlying Structure for Effective Meeting Design

We teach ORID as the structure of a Focused Conversation.  However, it is much more than that.  Since it reflects the natural steps in how human beings process information, it is also useful as an underlying “meta” structural design for a facilitated event. Any appropriate facilitation tools can be used at any of the four

Our 20th Anniversary National Tour Has Begun!

The first two 20th Anniversary events were held on October 10 during International Facilitation Week, one in Toronto and one in Yellowknife. The one in Toronto was co-sponsored by the GTA Chapter of the International Association of Facilitators.  The one in Yellowknife was sponsored by Dene Nahjo. The two events brought together a total of

Orchestrating Successful Events

Have you ever had an experience of an event that seemed like a complete experience – maybe it started with some confusion, then the context became clear, the group came together, experienced or wrestled through some intense sections, then finally moved to a satisfying conclusion? A symphony, a play and even novels and great presentations

Invitation to ICA Associates 20th Anniversary Tour: Facilitating a Participatory Society

This October 1, ICA Associates celebrates 20 years since its official registration as a social enterprise! Are you interested in learning more about the impact that facilitating participatory group processes can have on your organization, community and society? Do you have stories or visions to share? We want to celebrate our shared impact and current

20th Anniversary Tour

On October 1, 2019 ICA Associates Inc. celebrates 20 years as a company! We want to salute the people we have met across Canada with a 20th Anniversary National Tour. This will be an opportunity to connect with the thousands who have taken ICA and ToP™ training over the years and who have asked us

Getting to Root Issues and Insights

Getting to Root Issues and Insights Occasionally it is enough to simply get a group to come up with a simple outcome from a meeting.  But most often a group will fare better if the facilitated process allows them to think deeply about the topic they are wrestling with. Getting to the Root Issues A

Revealing Depth and Substance through ToP Methodology

Revealing Depth and Substance through ToP Methodology   One of the hallmarks of ICA’s Technology of Participation is that its use not only gets practical results, but evokes thoughtfulness, revealing the substantial insights that a group is capable of exploring and building upon.  The key to creating group insight is the application of the methodology