Prepare to become a globally recognized Certified ToP Facilitator (CTF) recognized for mastery in facilitation, process consulting and transformation.

Advanced Facilitator Program Brochure

Professional Facilitator Program (PFP) + Facilitative Leadership Program (FLP) + Personal Coaching = Advanced Facilitator Program (AFP)

Certified ToP Facilitators are known and respected worldwide and facilitate a culture of participation in almost every field of endeavour. You will have an important role in the change and transformation that groups must go through and will be respected by your peers.
The Advanced Facilitator Program helps you have deep positive impact on individuals, groups and entire organizations. It prepares you to handle the most challenging facilitation with profound respect for group wisdom and the ability to draw out wise results, motivation and commitment.

AFP prepares you for the IAF CPF certification and ICA CTF certification.

Six courses can be taken in a year, or spread out over several in any order. Group Facilitation Methods or GFM Online is a prerequisite. Once you register call us anytime with course dates you have selected, all in advance, or one by one. Call 416-691-2316

The AFP package is $10,256.00 plus HST, a 20% saving over individual courses. This is a flexible program of study, practice and mentoring and courses can be taken when you want, even over several years.

  • Learn all the skills of the Professional Facilitator Program AND the Facilitative Leadership Program.
  • Call and ask your assigned mentor for specific advice on how to facilitate difficult upcoming programs. You can call in real time if you need to during actual facilitation events you are leading, or during breaks in the engagement.
  • Up to 18 hours of telephone mentoring with master facilitators will give you the confidence you need to take on big projects.

The Advanced Facilitator Program prepares you for the IAF CPF certification and also ICA CTF certification. A flexible program, it begins with a personal learning contract and includes 19 days of course work, with practice, coaching, mentoring, observation and feedback. You will also develop portfolios needed in the certification.
ICA methods are the most valuable tools in my toolkit. No matter what a client asks me to do, I inevitably use one of the methods as part of my work. They are effective, versatile, and create clear, visible, practical ways to work with subtle and complex human dynamics. I recommend them to anyone trying to organize anything from large scale cultural change projects to this year’s family vacation.
Emma Sobel, Human Resources, Queens University