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Art & Science of Participation

Art & Science of Participation


Deepen understanding, design and practice.

Art & Science of Participation brochure

Pre-Requisite : Group Facilitation Methods or GFMOnline *

*The Art and Science is included in the Professional Facilitator Program (PFP) which is endorsed by IAF and prepares you for CPF certification.

The Art and Science is included the Advanced Facilitator Program (AFP) which prepares you for assessment as a Certified ToP Facilitator (CTF).

This six-day intensive will dramatically improve your ability to facilitate any group more effectively, in your organization or community. Strengthen your skills and increase your confidence.

The Art & Science of Participation is for people who are serious about facilitating participation and will deepen your knowledge, enhance your ability and provide a support network with facilitators across Canada.

This course has been endorsed by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) as part of the Professional Facilitator Program to lead you to become a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF). A&S alone covers many of the competencies required by the IAF.


You will be equipped to design and handle almost any facilitation challenge after the Art and Science of Participation.

Increase your confidence with facilitation practice

  • Upfront practice with constructive peer and trainer feedback
  • Tutoring on design, preparation and delivery with master facilitators.
  • High teacher/student ratio: 1:4

Strengthen your skills in many methods

  • Core Technology of Participation (ToP®) facilitation skills.
  • Deepening of many other methods.
  • Theory and practical link between many tools, methods and processes.

Enhance your professionalism

  • Design effective facilitation processes for upcoming complex and challenging situations.
  • Learn to apply ToP facilitation methods to any situation.
  • Improved ability to prepare for and lead facilitation projects.

Improved ability to prepare for and lead facilitation projects.


  • Opening context and conversation
  • Overview of participant cases
  • Focused Conversation Method review
  • Facilitation practice and peer feedback



  • Dynamics of life experience
  • Consensus Workshop Method review
  • Facilitation practice and peer feedback



  • Contentless Method
  • Designing Complex Facilitation Processes
  • Design Labs



  • Consensus formation
  • Strategic planning
  • Design Labs



  • Facilitation Environments
  • Charting documents
  • Design Labs



  • Facilitator Style
  • Historical Scan
  • Ethics and Values
  • Participant-led Celebration

This is for professional facilitators, for consultants who want to be more facilitative, and for anyone who is considering pursuing a career as a facilitator.

Since many facilitators must work alone this is a chance to create long lasting relationships with your peers.

ToP Methods and Applications

  • Focused Conversation and Consensus Workshop review
  • Facilitating Strategic Thinking
  • Historical Scan
  • Charting Method

Facilitation Design and Practice

  • Design Eye Template
  • Mental models for design
  • Central questions and focus questions

Foundations of ToP

  • Imaginal Education and Contentless Method
  • Consensus Formation and Synthesis
  • Participatory Environments
  • Facilitator Values and Ethics

The greatest impact that the A&S had for me was about self confidence and the ability to work with senior leaders/executives. In addition, I’ve gained credibility and am approached for consultations and the development of tools and a facilitator registry across the province.
Course Participant
To be honest, I got so much from Art & Science that I now feel that my current position is holding me back. The course has helped me realize I have more potential. I now need to figure out what to do about it.
Course Participant
I have been more proactive about requesting to facilitate meetings and planning sessions. The feedback has been very strong on these sessions based on new techniques and skills applied. The break out practice groups were wonderful – was able to see numerous situations the practices can be applied.
Course Participant
The Art and Science of Participation is indispensable to anyone interested in exploring the complex and demanding role of the facilitator.  Its combination of experience-informed theory and guided practice helps facilitators polish their craft and support groups to navigate the tensions between current realities and future possibilities.
Course Participant

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Deep understandings for complex process design challenges

Dramatically improve your ability to design and facilitate with any group. Build confidence with lots of peer practice.

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Edmonton, Regina, Toronto


May 25-30, 2020, June 22-27, 2020, June 22-27, 2020 Call 306-775-7481 for price & registration, Jul 13-18, 2020, Aug 10-15, 2020, Aug 19-24, 2019

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