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Group Facilitation Methods

Group Facilitation Methods


Powerful methods to facilitate and build consensus

Group Facilitation Methods brochure

Prerequisite : None *

*It is a prerequisite for most other ICA courses and all Programs.

Move beyond “seat-of-the-pants” facilitation and reliance on instinct, to use the most powerful facilitation methods and processes available. Learn step-by-step approaches to clear thinking, sound decisions, solid consensus and open dialogue.

Group Facilitation is a foundational course for professional facilitators and will give you a thorough grounding in facilitation practice.

This course has been endorsed by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) as part of the Professional Facilitator Program to lead you to become a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF). GFM alone covers many of the competencies required by the IAF.

An online version of this course is available. See GFM Online


Focus group energy on common goals

  • Enable groups to form consensus
  • Facilitate solid commitment to results
  • Encourage group creativity

Build motivation and improve morale

  • Help groups resolve conflict
  • Build respect and trust in groups
  • Create lively effective teamwork
  • Generate positive interaction

Make groups more productive and effective

  • Conduct easier, faster meetings
  • Save time and money on meetings
  • Involve participants in discussions
  • Get more ideas into the mix

Day One

The Focused Conversation Method

  • Demonstration of FCM
  • Theory and levels of thinking
  • Applications of FCM
  • Practice
  • Designing focused conversations
  • Practice leading conversations
  • Feedback


Day Two

Consensus Workshop Method

  • Demonstration of Consensus Workshop
  • Theory and group dynamics
  • Applications of Consensus Workshop
  • Practice
  • Designing Focus Questions
  • Practice Consensus Workshops
  • Feedback

  • Experienced facilitators by reinforcing what you are already doing well and pointing out those areas that need work.
  • New facilitators by starting you out on a solid foundation with best practices used by professional facilitators around the world.
  • Executives, managers and other leaders by acquainting you with key facilitation skills that will immediately enhance your leadership capacity.
  • Consultants by showing how to engage your clients more effectively in discussions and solutions.
  • Presenters and trainers who will get new practical tools that will enhance the adult learning principles they know are important.
  • Anyone who wants to be assessed by the International Association of Facilitators as a Certifies Professional Facilitator (CPF)

Learn two powerful methods to enhance your facilitation

The Focused Conversation Method provides a structure for clear dialogue and reflection, probes beneath the surface to the depth of a topic, encourages a diversity of perspectives and leads to decisions.

  • Gets everyone participating
  • Encourages a diversity of perspectives
  • Provides a structure for positive dialogue
  • Gets beneath the surface of a topic
  • Builds common understanding

The Consensus Workshop Method provides a participative and respectful way to move a group toward consensus on those important topics that everyone wants a breakthrough.

  • Involves each group member
  • Gets all the ideas into the mix
  • Focuses the group consensus
  • Builds an effective team partnership
  • Enables you to facilitate large groups

ICA Associates Inc. provides the best training I have come across. Their decades of learning and development have resulted in methods unsurpassed by anyone else in the field.
Dr. David Burman, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto
ICA methods have made a tremendous difference in my work. Many of my clients have benefited from them and they have generated positive results in some very tricky and challenging situations. I also make good use of the post course support and I always get first-rate advice.
David Kraft, Director of Research, Strategic Communications
I have used ICA methods in preparing for lectures, student assignments, professional presentations and leading meetings, and in all events they have proven to be invaluable in organizing and harvesting ideas to fruition.
Dr. Laura MacDonald, Associate Professor, University of Manitoba
Thank you again for contributing effectively to our training curriculum aimed at developing the interpersonal skills of both staff and management.
Mary-Jane Jarvis Haig, Director, Development Support, Information Services, Hudsons Bay Company

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Powerful methods to facilitate and build consensus

Move beyond reliance on instinct with the two most powerful facilitation methods available on dialogue and consensus.

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