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Human Development

Human Development


Empowering images, values and behaviour

Human Development brochure


Pre-Requisite : Group Facilitation Methods or GFM Online *

*This 3 day course is a part of the Facilitative Leadership Program and the Advanced Facilitation Program, and links all ToP tools and methods to the values and philosophy behind them.

Empowerment stems from positive images in how people see themselves and each other and can result in meaningful behaviour change. This course shows how to support individuals and groups though their own behavioural change.

Human Development illumines decades of cross-cultural research into human patterns and confronts ethical challenges faced by facilitative leaders. Learn how to reinforce behaviours that are important for organization and society.

This course is part of the Facilitative Leadership Program and the Advanced Facilitator Program and uncovers the real power and vast human potential contained in all ToP methods.


All ICA and ToP® methods have in common an individual and group empowerment value not necessarily explicitly stated in the methods, but implicitly visible in their impact and results. This course makes the transformation explicit for the facilitator and shows how.

Enable human and group transformation

  • Learn how to use your facilitation and leadership to effect reflection and change
  • Use tools and techniques that reinforce positive images and behavior
  • Learn to design participatory processes that transform

Shape the atmosphere for collaboration and transformation

  • Create the conditions for positive participation
  • Address difficult situations and meet ethical challenges
  • Tools to find and respond to the sources of unhelpful behaviours

Practical ways to maximize the impact of facilitated events

  • Skills to deepen your facilitation
  • Ability to motivate individuals and groups to positive action
  • Appropriate responses to individual and group struggles

Deeper insights into facilitation method and style

  • A more grounded view of your own life struggles
  • Stronger connections between facilitation techniques and deeper principles
  • Connect methods and theory to values and philosophy

Day One

Images and Behavior

  • Experiences of transformation
  • Changing images and behavior
  • Image shifting experience

Deeper Human Development

  • Limits and possibilities
  • Theory behind methods
  • Facilitator application


Day Two

Effective Image Change

  • Standing present to reality
  • Phases of image change
  • Shifting images exercise

Catalyzing Change

  • Responsibility challenge
  • Messages in facilitation tools
  • Choosing tools


Day Three

Designing Transformation

  • Daring to lead
  • Diagnosis and design process
  • Designing meetings and workshops

Transformational Environment

  • Facilitating difficult situations
  • Ethical dilemmas and challenges
  • Applications

Human Development is for leaders who want to enable genuine transformation and positive change.

  • Organizational leaders will learn methods for lasting change.
  • Managers will discover ways to maintain positive engagement and motivation.
  • Community leaders will find ways to make deep change in the ways people relate to community change and development.
  • Facilitators will deepen their understanding of facilitation principles and transformative change.

This course contains self-reflective practices and group methods that can occasion significant change in an individual or a group in the direction of self and group empowerment.

  • Imaginal Education links the power of image change to behavior.
  • Design Eye and Kaleidoscope Design shows the array of tools available to the transformational facilitator.
  • Courage to Lead study charts and guides from the book: The Courage to Lead: Transform Self, Transform Society.
  • Lifeline of Image Shifts is a personal reflection method.
  • Event Orchestration is a template for creating an event that has impact far beyond simple products.
  • Seven Phases of Image Change describes the process that individuals go through to change a behaviour.
  • Image Shift Exercise is a template used by an individual or group to self-program and reinforce an important image and behaviour.
  • Contentless Method is the method that is the foundation for all ToP methods and many other tools and processes.

This course provides the means to design and facilitate practical and meaningful sessions that make sense to people and help them to move forward in ways that make sense to them. Also when applied as set up, they work for people every time.
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Empowering images, values, and behaviours

Learn how to reinforce positive, major change in individuals and groups …and in yourself: that mysterious human element.

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Nov 20-22, 2019, May 11-13, 2020, Nov 18-20, 2020

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