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Meetings That Work Online

Meetings That Work Online

Designing and Facilitating Effective Meetings

Meetings That Work Online Brochure

Pre-Requisite : None *

*Meetings That Work Online is part of the Facilitative Leadership Program and the Advanced Facilitator Program.

Get more from meetings than you ever thought possible with best practices from professional facilitators. Turn meetings into “events” that people want to attend, increase participation and get the best input and results from everyone.

Meetings That Work is for anyone who leads or attends lots of meetings and will provide you with professional tips, templates and practical tools to increase commitment to action, and handle difficult or controversial items.

This is a foundational course with lots of tools and practice.

You will learn how to:

  • Enhance participation and group productivity.
  • Plan and facilitate meeting agenda items.
  • Design and orchestrate meetings.
  • Play the role of meeting facilitator more effectively.

You will be able to apply these skills in both online and in face-to-face meetings.

Course Details

December 2017

Introduction Session

Dec 8: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET

Meetings That Work Sessions

Dec 11 to 14: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon ET

Pattern (Fri, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs) is the same for all Start Dates


People will want to attend your meetings and be part of the team’s great results after you use what you learn in Meetings That Work.

Design and run great meetings

  • Create engaging agendas
  • Construct meaningful processes
  • Increase group participation and productivity
  • Make group decision making more effective

Create a Participatory Environment

  • Use diversity to make everything interesting
  • Deal with difficult situations
  • Get the best results possible
  • Develop teamwork and follow-through

Gain Confidence as a Facilitative Leader

  • Learn best practice tools and techniques
  • Enhance meaningful participation
  • Communicate more effectively in groups

You can participate in this course from anywhere in the world with high-speed internet access. We use an interactive online environment with built-in audio that enables full participation.

The course has four 120-minute online sessions, and an hour or so of offline participant reading and application exercises after each session. The four sessions are scheduled on consecutive, sequential days within one week. A course manual and worksheets are provided.

Session One: Participating in Meetings

  • Great meetings
  • Participation at its best
  • Levels of involvement in decision making
  • Facilitating brainstorming

Session Two: Planning Agenda Items

  • Key elements of dialogue
  • Asking questions to promote dialogue
  • Planning for agenda items in meetings
  • Creating facilitation plans for agenda items

Session Three: Designing Meetings

  • Keys to healthy communication
  • Preparing for meetings
  • Creating meeting designs
  • Meeting planning

Session Four: Facilitating Meetings

  • Stages in the group’s journey
  • Facilitator’s role
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Personal action planning

Introducing Blackboard Collaborate – Participate in an hour-long introduction session before the course begins to be familiar with the course online technology.

All sessions – A commitment to full time participation in all the online sessions and the homework exercises.

Real practice – You will need to do homework exercises between sessions, and be prepared to share what you have learned.

Technical Requirements
  • High-speed internet access
  • A USB computer headset with a microphone
  • Java – the most recent version
  • PowerPoint
  • Access to tech support

  • Organizational leaders and managers responsible for strategic and operational planning meetings.
  • Project managers responsible for guiding a whole project cycle.
  • Team leaders responsible for organizational operations and project implementation.
  • Community leaders responsible for planning and implementing action campaigns.
  • Government officials responsible for program development, project implementation and policy formation.
  • Facilitators responsible for enabling group productivity.

Plan, prepare for and facilitate productive meetings with best professional tools and approaches available.

  • Dialogue approach
  • Ladder of participation
  • Effective flipcharting
  • Product oriented agenda design

Play the role of meeting facilitator more effectively and get results that generate confidence and motivation in the whole team. Turn meetings into events.

  • Process and its elements
  • Tips for effective communication
  • Event design and orchestration
  • STEPS model

Throughout the course, there are valuable tools, contexts and guidelines that will deepen your capacities as a leader, facilitator and coach.

  • 72 facilitation tools
  • Seven intelligences
  • Working with difficult behaviours.

The course provided me with useful frameworks and tools to engage clients and improve participation and outcomes. I came away with increased knowledge and skills in architecting and planning better meetings. I highly recommend this course.
Heather Worosz, Executive Coach & Consultant, Iqaluit, Nunavut
I am surprised at how many teams and organizations still have meetings with no agenda. Meetings are among the largest time wasters when done poorly and are the catapults to success when done well. Meetings That Work is a gem of a course that breaks down meetings in all their components and teaches you how to do them the right way.
Emma Sobel, Human Resources, Queens University
I make plans, hold meetings and conduct research using ICA’s methods of participation. They are the best methods around to involve people in groups in making sense of lots of information and making decisions about action.
Dr. Suzanne F. Jackson, Executive Director, Centre for Health Promotion

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Start July 20, 2018 Online $995.00
Start Dec 7, 2018Online $995.00

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