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Organizational Transformation

Organizational Transformation


Diagnose and leverage system-wide change

Organizational Transformation brochure

Pre-Requisite : Group Facilitation Methods or GFM Online *

*This 3 day course is a part of the Facilitative Leadership Program and the Advanced Facilitator Program.

Manage complexity and lead the process of transformation. Analyze drivers of change and plot a course through the natural evolution of an organization using key leverage points that allow the change to occur rapidly and sustainably.

Organizational Transformation creates willing participants and partners of change empowering people to take charge of the transformation rather than reacting.

This course is part of the Facilitative Leadership Program and shows how to map out the organizational journey so that everyone can participate in the transformation.


Learn not just the theory but the actual practice of transformation using highly participatory processes that guide the way.

Learn processes to effect transformational change in your organization.

  • Understand trends, pressures and drivers of change.
  • See clearly through the complexity of whole systems.
  • Analyze and diagnose social and organizational dynamics.

Determine how to guide necessary changes

  • Plot innovative and creative pathways.
  • Generate change scenarios and breakthrough strategies.
  • Identify concrete steps to major shifts.
  • Build solid consensus and commitment to change.
  • Expand your own leadership capacities.
  • Motivate the entire organization to learn and change.
  • Reinforce values and behavioural changes.

Day One

  • The dynamics and drivers of change
  • Systems analysis with Social Process triangles
  • Determining external trends driving organizational change
  • Wave trends analysis


Day Two

  • Mapping an organization’s journey
  • The Organizational Journey Chart
  • Leverage points for strategic change
  • Organizational Dynamics


Day Three

  • Contradiction: the doorway to transformation
  • Contradictional analysis leading to strategic change
  • The link between values, images in personal behavioural change
  • Imaginal education theory and practice.

  • Consultant who guide many organizations through major changes.
  • Directors anticipating or going through an organizational transition.
  • Managers tasked with a leadership role in transformation.
  • Government officials needing to focus strategic change and developmental initiatives.
  • Facilitators looking for powerful methods and mental models for development, change and transformation projects.

This course includes sophisticated methods and mental models proven effective from successful use in corporations and regions over decades.

The Social Process systems thinking illuminates key drivers in society impacting your organization.

The Wave analysis uncovers important trends that must be considered.

The Map of the Organizational Journey plots a course of transformation from current reality to the desired future in eight key areas.

The Dynamics Screen uses nine leverage points to focus approaches to change.

Contradictional Thinking turns irritants, complaints and roadblocks into strategic issues that can be addressed creatively and positively.

Culture Change reinforces image, values and behaviour needed to support any serious change.

I LOVED the Organizational Journey Map. I will use it often in my facilitation work. I used the Wave Analysis with a group to analyze trends in relation to multi-location business operations.
Course Participant
I found that the Dynamics Screen and the mobilizing energy sections were very interesting and useful.
Course Participant
I have used this course to diagnose what was impeding implementation for three different projects and then gave a presentation to my section on what I learned.
Course Participant

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Diagnose and leverage system-wide change

Lead everyone past complexity to practical models and high-leverage strategies that transform the whole system.

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Edmonton, Toronto


Oct 23-25, 2019, Nov 12-14, 2019, Mar 25-27, 2020, Oct 21-23, 2020

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