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Transformational Strategy

Transformational Strategy


Embed commitment and action into planning

Transformational Strategy Brochure

Pre-Requisite : Group Facilitation Methods or Group Facilitation Method Online *

*Transformational Strategy (previously Facilitated Planning) is part of the Facilitative Leadership Program and the Advanced Facilitator Program.

Maximize innovation, creativity and flexibility of your organization’s strategies by weaving stakeholder perspectives into your long range plans. Diverse input will build commitment and action into the transformation.

Transformational Strategy is for executives, managers, and consultants who must enhance a group’s potential to think and act strategically and empower them to act immediately.

This course demonstrates the power of the Technology of Participation ToP® Strategic Planning used in thousands of organizations world-wide and is required as a Certified ToP Facilitator.


Participatory strategic planning increases innovation and commitment so that major transformations and smaller projects can be implemented quickly.

Facilitate innovative strategic thinking

  • Engage multiple perspectives in productive dialogue
  • Enable groups to generate creative, well conceived plans

Focus energy and commitment toward positive results

  • Practical action plans with schedules and assignments
  • Expanded responsibility for action, follow through, results and learning
  • Accomplishments that exceed expectations.

Build solid teams that work together

  • Improve communication among members of the group
  • Build solid, lasting consensus
  • Develop common purpose and motivation

Faster more flexible implementation

  • Quicker modification when situations change
  • Groups prepared for immediate implementation

This course will enable you to facilitate strategy planning with any group.

Day One

  • Overview of strategic planning
  • Strategic thinking – a 4 step process
  • Facilitating a vision workshop
  • Keys to creating a shared vision
  • Facilitating an underlying obstacles workshop
  • Contradictional thinking and transformation


Day Two

  • Facilitating a strategic directions workshop
  • Generating strategies that transform
  • Implementation schemes
  • Facilitating an action planning workshop
  • Keys to effective action planning
  • Adaptations of the model
  • Personal strategic planning

  • Executives, directors who are responsible for an entire company or community in long range visioning or strategic planning.
  • Managers, supervisors and staff who must enhance a group’s potential to think and act strategically and empower them to act immediately.
  • Consultants who work with many organizations or communities on strategic planning, action planning or transformation.
  • Leaders who must create participatory plans with groups.

This course demonstrates the power of the Technology of Participation ToP® Strategic Planning used in thousands of organizations and communities world-wide and is required as a Certified ToP Facilitator.

Learn four important methods for all forms of planning:

  • Practical Visioning – create a shared vision of the future with any group.
  • Contradictional and Root Cause Analysis – safely identify barriers preventing success
  • Strategy Development – generate innovative strategies that lead to success using a group’s creativity
  • Action Plans – develop practical action plans that inspire commitment and immediate implementation.

Each session includes:

  • Demonstration of the process.
  • Theory behind the methods.
  • Exploration of how the process can be applied.
  • Examples from real experience that reveal practices that lead to success.
  • Variations for different situations.

I’ve been using ICA methods for four years now and they have made a tremendous difference in my work.  Many of my clients have benefited from them and they have generated positive results in some very tricky and challenging situations. I also make good use of the post course support and I always get first-rate advice.
David Kraft, , Director of Research, Strategic Communications
We work with the oil and other big companies. I am blown away by the relevance and practicality of this participatory strategic planning course, and use it and tell all my clients.
Yvonne Brouwers
I really enjoyed learning a “method” that was simple and made sense that brought out facilitation process, participation from the group and created a leadership style that people could relate to and feel included and valued.
Course Participant
The process that was taught of creating an action plan is very efficient compared to other planning sessions.
Course participant, , September 2017
The course set me up to lead participatory strategic planning for our organization just a couple of months later. This will improve our ability to serve clients who are increasing access to safe drinking water and sanitation for communities around the world.
Lisa Mitchell, , Director Training and Consulting, Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation

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Strategic thinking to produce breakthrough actions

Generate high levels of participation and commitment to all plans ensuring that necessary change actually occurs.

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